High Desert Trailers For Sale in Arizona - Best Quality, Service, and Price!

About Us

Hello- Thank you for taking the time to visit our website.

Im Caleb, the owner and founder of High Desert Trailers - Along with my Wife Denise, and Son Jackson.

High Desert Trailers was started in March of 2017 in Gallup NM.

The surrounding area is at a 6,500 feet above sea level - thus being known as High Desert, area. When we started - we started day 1 with values that we believed would set us apart.

We opperate with extreme Integrity - in all situations.

We are trust worthy in all things. We also set forth to offer the Industry Best Products- At Fair Prices - that everyone could afford.

We are a Transparent Company - We have no hidden fees or Doc fees once you sit down to do paper work and pay - that some how  were never mentioned.

We have made strategic partners, so that we can offer some of the lowest prices in the industry - all while not sacrificing quality and features on our products. Team Work - We hire Knowledgeable, Courteous, and Polite Staff - We opperate by the Golden Rule - We do Business as if we were the customer. We appreciate all of our Customers.

We Salute and Stand Beside our Armed Forces, Law Enforcement and First Responders - we also offer an additional Discount to them as well with Verifing ID. We Honor God and Family.

We have enjoyed our few short years in business - and made alot of friends- and some life long customers.

We encourage you to read our reviews - They speak for themselves from real customers.

In November of 2018, we decided to expand our locations due to  sales demand in the Phoenix AZ area. This allowed us to grow sales while keeping the sales price to our customers at a minimum.

Our First location has since been closed down and we have concetrated on growing and developing our Phoenix location.

Below are some photos of our Humble Beginnings in Gallup NM, When it was I Caleb, My Wife Denise, and My Brother N Law.

The trailers you see was our Very First Batch of inventory